Being normal in lockdown

Hi my dear friends,

I was both stressed and delighted during lockdown. Iam working as a teacher and probably I would be happy in the case of holidays.At first we enjoyed being at home and getting relieved from examination mood. But slowly it faded and all those tensions returned..

Actually I got busy those days as my mom and dad fell ill at same period. I managed to do things with the help of my sister in laws. I realised how my parents done all household chores (taking care of poultry farm and goats) along with my one year old girl while i am away in school.

I got busy with school online was so difficult for me in the beginning..It took almost a month for me to be on track.

A great exploration in social media occured in this time. Each house consist a youtuber..sometimes two or three..even I created a blog but it was to get familiar with the blog as I can teach my students.

At first I was totally confused by these emerging lockdown stars..a lot of thoughts flashes through my mind. I felt lonely in the midst of these young creative minds.i too wished to do something ..I am interested in sewing, embroidery , painting, crocheting and painting…but couldn’t do anything…as I am a busy working mother of four children including twin..I was totally frustrated ..but one day my eye got struck on the status of my cousin saying ” it’s not productivity period,it’s normal to do nothing ..” I was happy by then…

All about my Grandma

whenever I think about my Grandma ,her smiling face will come to mind.she was such an energetic person, that she passes a positive energy to all . She talks alot ,tell us stories ,cracks jokes…she loved reading alot. She always tried to protect me from all evils of the world. As iam a girl she was worried that I may fall into some trouble. So she used to remind me ,” you are a girl” so you don’t do that.this used to make me angry. I hated being a girl…but whenever I leave her house she will shower me kisses and hugs. She will say ” iam saying all this to make you good person”……

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