Blogging, my first attempt.

It has been many years iam thinking of a blog.somehow it didnt this era of epidemic ,I felt like the words would burst with in I managed to create a blog. Just to console my self. I need a place to pour all my thoughts, imagination dreams and ideas …everything that comes to your mind…just to make myself and others happy.

Each person will have thousands of stories to tell.some keep those wonderful stories within them.others share with their fellow beings..May it be a bad or happy ending….it has a lesson to be learnt…

As a teacher I come across with different people daily ..children , teachers, other employees and was a very nice experience to watch all of them from a distance….if we move our eyes from one to another we could find various emotions and expressions that changes in each easily they they change. happy ,sad,lovely,cute,funny,bold,curious faces… all come infront of you….

Writing gives me pleasure… Blogging can enrich my vocabulary. it was my dream to become a blogger will help me to connect with the world ..society..

Being normal in lockdown

Hi my dear friends, I was both stressed and delighted during lockdown. Iam working as a teacher and probably I would be happy in the case of holidays.At first we enjoyed being at home and getting relieved from examination mood. But slowly it faded and all those tensions returned.. Actually I got busy those daysContinue reading “Being normal in lockdown”

All about my Grandma

whenever I think about my Grandma ,her smiling face will come to mind.she was such an energetic person, that she passes a positive energy to all . She talks alot ,tell us stories ,cracks jokes…she loved reading alot. She always tried to protect me from all evils of the world. As iam a girl sheContinue reading “All about my Grandma”

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